Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher – Case Study

Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher Research – Case Study – BIM to VR

The following article highlights a research project undertaken by a company that successfully applied for an Innovation Voucher from Enterprise Ireland. It will look at the aims of the research and the outcomes achieved.  This article will discuss, in general terms, and not refer to the company particulars the intention is to provide a sense of what can be attained from completing a fully funded Enterprise Ireland Innovation Voucher.

The company approached us with the following Research question:

“..to facilitate a rapid delivery of this service we are looking to develop further knowledge in the area of Virtual Reality through the interoperability of BIM Technologies, with the BIM Collective Research Group, Waterford Institute of Technology”

What the Research involved

We sat down with the company and analysed what their current BIM procedure was and what they hope to achieve in the future. From this we determined the following;

      • use of Graphisoft Archicad as its BIM authoring tool
      • determine which technology to invest in with regards software and hardware
      • develop a workflow for bringing the BIM model to VR
Results of the Innovation Voucher Research

During the research we examined several possible workflows for developing the BIM VR and based on several factors a workflow was developed that suited the company’s requirements. Based on this workflow we then determined the hardware needs required to facilitate the BIM VR experience. It is worth noting that it is not possible to purchase hardware or software with the Innovation Voucher. In this case the company invested its own capital to purchase the equipment with guidance from the BIM collective. Once the new hardware and software were purchased a workshop was organised to facilitate the knowledge transfer of the research learnt during the process.

The outcome of the Research

The practice is now actively using VR with their clients to give an exceptional level of access to all involved in the project.

Research Assistant at the BIM Collective Research Group

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